Getting Patient Reviews

Who doesn’t check reviews before buying a product or choosing a provider? These days, online reviews are a must for any business, but they can be hard to get on a consistent basis. We’ve come up with a system to help you ask for a reviews whilst incentivizing patients!

We’re including two things: business-card-sized review cards and reference sheets. Patients who have reviewed you will write their names on the review cards, which serve as an entry to a giveaway on a regular basis (perhaps monthly). The reference sheets offer more detail on the actual process of reviewing, in case they need guidance. Here’s how the process works:

Pick your day to ask.

One of your clinical assistants is out sick and the office is running way behind. This might not be the best day to ask for a review! As a general rule, the beginning or end of treatment is great time to ask for a review, since patients are feeling excited and happy with your office. You know your patients, so feel the situation out.

Inform or remind them.

If the patient knows about the program, remind them of it now. Let them know that if they review you on Google and write their name on the review card, they’ll be entered to win a prize on a regular basis (monthly, every other month–whatever your office decides!).

Provide guidance.

In case they need more help in knowing exactly how to find your office on Google and how to review you, offer the included reference sheets. These sheets walk reviewers through the process, whether they’re using the Google Maps app or a Google search.

Collect the card and deposit it.

Let the patient know to give you the card back once they’ve reviewed you and written their name on it, or ask them to turn them into the front desk once they’re done.

Select and inform your winner!

On a regular basis, select a winner at random and let them know they’ve won! Of course, you should share the exciting news on social media, which serves three purposes: 1) your winner is likely to share the post, generating great reach and engagement, 2) you have great content to share with your audience, and 3) you generate awareness about your review program. Win-win-win!

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