4 Super Easy Concert Ticket Giveaway Ideas

You asked. We’re delivering. Here are 4 super easy concert ticket giveaway ideas to increase your engagement and make you look like a rock star!

Before we begin, I’ll be referencing Justin Timberlake as an example because:

  1. He is currently on tour
  2. He is from Memphis
  1. Biggest Fan Contest 

  • “Are you Justin Timberlake’s Biggest Fan?”
  • Have entrants create a short video telling you WHY they are Justin’s biggest fan and WHY they should win the tickets. Videos will be uploaded to your Facebook contest post, and the one with the most likes and comments will be the BIG WINNER. This encourages interaction with your followers, as well as their friends and family, boosting your views and shares!
  1. Best Photo Caption 

  • Post an orthodontic graphic, a cute image, or a photo of your team doing something fun. Ask followers to post their best captions in the comments, and the one with the most likes will win. Entrants will share the post to get more likes, increasing brand awareness and encouraging more participation on the post itself.
  1. Website Scavenger Hunt 

  • Create a list of scavenger hunt tasks and send people to your website to begin looking for answers. You can make the game more challenging by hiding codes and/or clues around the office, too! This gives you double the engagement since you’ll be driving traffic to your website AND encouraging comments and shares on social media.
  1. Creative Photo Contest 

  • Pick a theme and have your entrants post a photo based on the criteria you’ve specified. For example: “We need new art for our office! If you’re a local photographer, artist, or just have a camera, canvas, or creative eye, show us what you’ve got!” A picture’s worth a thousand words and we want to know why you love this city! Submit a photo showing us your favorite local feature for a chance to win floor seat tickets to the upcoming Justin Timberlake concert!”
  • Once the photos are submitted, have your social media followers vote for their favorite. The one with the most likes wins. As with the above contests, entrants will often tag friends and family to encourage them to vote for their photo. This boosts your brand, increases engagement, and makes you more memorable.

Suggestions For Any Of The Above Contests

  1. Announce the winner on Facebook/Instagram Live
  2. Make a creative video announcing the contest. Your team could do a lip-sync battle of Justin Timberlake songs or a sing-along video that goes through the office. This could easily be replicated by entrants in schools, offices and among friends.
  3. Send an email to your database announcing the contest (in addition to your social media posts.)

If you would like more ideas or have questions, feel free to reach out! We’re here to help!