Girl Scout Cookie Season is a Great Time of The Year

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Girl Scouts start their cookie sale just as everyone’s New Year motivation is trailing off, do you? I’m still on the low-carb bandwagon, but I’m not making any promises once those boxes of Thin Mints are out in full force!

Girl Scout cookie season is a great time to engage your audience AND help support your local troops and community. Take a look below for a few ideas on how you can drive traffic to your office by amplifying an amazing organization!

1) Open Cookie Invitation 

  • Post an offer to purchase 5 boxes of cookies from any Girl Scout that stops by your office during the month.
    • Set a limit. For example, the first 50 to 75 troops. This adds urgency and prevents you from spending too much.
    • To keep things organized, you might also ask for them to come together as a troop and call to schedule their visit first. This will keep a bunch of individual scouts from coming at all hours of the day.

2) Role Model Contest 

  • Ask local Girl Scouts to write an essay describing who her role model is and why.
    • Submissions should be hand delivered to your office.
  • The winner will receive 250 cookie orders from the office, a mention on your website, and a shout-out on your social media platforms.

3) Video Contest 

  • Ask local Girl Scouts to submit a video detailing why she (and her troop) deserve to win. For example, what the troop contributes to the community, or why the troop needs these funds for a particular project, etc.
    • Submissions should be uploaded to your original Facebook post. The winner will be the video that has the most likes. This encourages followers to share the post, driving more engagement to your Facebook page.

4) Scavenger Hunt 

  • Create a list of scavenger hunt tasks and send Girl Scouts to your website to begin looking for answers. Offer to buy a case of cookies from any Girl Scout who completes the scavenger hunt! This contest not only increases your engagement on social media, but it also drives activity to your website as well. Win-win!

Side Contest 

  • Patients can enter into a drawing at their appointment to win 5 boxes of cookies. Choose 10 winners.

Suggestions For Any Of The Above Contests:

  1. Announce the winner on Facebook/Instagram Live
  2. Make a cute/funny/silly team video announcing the contest on social media
  3. Send an email to your database announcing the contest (in addition to a social media post)
  4. Offer honorable mention prizes.

Wondering what to do with all those cookies? Aside from calling us, you could donate the cookies to a charity of your choice or use them as a patient giveaway. Many offices donate to local first responders or even to troops stationed overseas.

(You can also just take them home and eat them. We’re not judging.)

If you would like more ideas or have questions, feel free to reach out! We’re here to help!