Stand Up to Bullies with These 6 Ideas

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You see young people every day in your practice and we know how important they are to you and your team. Take your support for them a few steps further by implementing one (or more!) of our anti-bullying items below!

1) Stand up and speak out ????

Create an anti-bullying campaign. This could be as simple as discussing prevention and awareness in a video on social media, providing resources like websites, hotlines, and app information to your patients, or creating challenges that encourage students to be more inclusive and supportive of their peers.

The internet offers endless resources for reliable statistics and resources that people of all ages can benefit from. As a business that interacts daily with children and teens, being open about this topic has the potential to truly help those who need it. For more information on how to create your own anti-bullying event kit, check out this website!

2) Partner with a charity ❤️

If there is an anti-bullying program or chapter active in your area, check in to see how you can partner with them to spread their message. If you don’t have a local charity that specifically focuses on anti-bullying efforts, try getting involved with national organizations such as The Trevor Project, It Gets Better, The Jed Foundation, Kind Campaign, and Stomp Out Bullying.

By partnering with a charity or organization, your office will be able to participate in targeted campaigns, promote charity efforts, and spread anti-bullying awareness through social media posts, office endorsements, or on the screens in your waiting rooms. Get creative with your team and come up with other unique ways to boost your anti-bullying partner!

3) Incorporate branded items ????️

Make anti-bullying information a part of your brand message by including it on small items to give away. Print resources, facts, or messages of support on cards, flyers, or brochures, or include anti-bullying hotline information on pencils, pens, and stickers. Leave these at the front desk and encourage patients to pick one up as they enter or leave the office. This will not only remind them that they have your support, but it also provides resources for them to keep at home or school should they need them.

4) Get involved with local schools ????

Partner with schools in your area to create or promote anti-bullying initiatives. This could be anything from participating in a mentoring or apprenticeship program and showing your support for their anti-bullying efforts to being active on school safety committees and promoting the inclusion of anti-bullying education in the curriculum.

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5) Utilize your office ????

Create a wall of awareness in your office that is dedicated to the causes you are passionate about supporting, including anti-bullying awareness and prevention. Change it out monthly, or add to it all year long. Include posters or flyers for organizations you’ve partnered with, hotline numbers, or photos of you and your team in action! Invite patients to submit art with an anti-bullying message, and display it here as well.

Put other areas of your office to good use, too. You have an enormous opportunity to positively impact the lives of young people! Take advantage of your built-in audience by making anti-bullying resources easily available via printed materials left in your waiting areas, or digital media like your website, TV monitors, and social media.

6) Fundraising to promote awareness and prevention ????

To really make a splash in your community, think about hosting events that will fundraise for anti-bullying awareness and prevention efforts. Consider smaller online campaigns, contests that encourage followers to get involved, and even hosting live events like auctions, raffles, game nights, and fun runs. These larger scale events require time, planning, and promotion, but are amazing ways to help increase anti-bullying awareness in your area.

Remember – our team is here to help your brand succeed across the board! If you feel drawn to any of the above activities, but aren’t sure how to pull them off, we can help with brainstorming and bringing your vision to life through professional graphics, catchy copy, and all-around support.


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