Celebrate Mother’s Day With These 8 Special Social Media Ideas

Everybody knows that moms make the world go ‘round and with Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about different ways to celebrate motherhood on your social media platforms!

01) Mother’s Day specials for special Moms ✨ Let your audience know how much you appreciate moms by running a special for Mother’s Day. Current promotions can be reworked, or you can create an entirely new one. This can be something as simple as a discount on braces or Invisalign for mothers, a percentage off treatment for their child, or a free consultation if you don’t routinely offer them. This is a great way to connect with your audience and get followers to move from behind the screen and into your office!

2) Give back to moms in your community with a giveaway! ????

Moms work hard to care for their families, and their dedication deserves a little celebration! Host a giveaway on social media for patients and mothers of patients that includes several special prizes, such as wine, chocolates, gift baskets, gift cards, or gift certificates to local businesses and spas. Encourage followers to share these posts for maximum exposure and participation, and don’t forget to use email to reach out as well! We’re always happy to help if you’re looking for a quick, catchy, and effective email or caption.

3) A picture is worth a thousand words ????

Share photos of the special mothers you and your team know and love in a Mother’s Day post, and encourage followers to do the same in the comments. Whether they’re old childhood photos, current family shots, or even a selfie or two, this is a special way to put a face on motherhood. Take it a step or two further by asking your audience to share a story that showcases what makes their mom so great, and offer a giveaway to those who participate.

4) Set the stage for special stories ????

Following the line of thought from above, you can skip the photos for those who are camera shy and instead focus on meaningful stories. Create a campaign that encourages your audience to share their favorite thing about their mom, from the best advice she’s ever given them to the one thing she cooks that no one else can replicate! Make sure you and your team participate as well, and stay active in the conversation by commenting on all the posts. This makes your followers feel valued and can have a knock-on effect when it comes to your brand’s relatability and loyalty.

5) Spotlight the supermoms in your community ????

Invite followers to nominate a woman in their life who goes above and beyond for her kids! Have them share a photo and a little bit about why she’s such an amazing mother in the comments, and for extra brownie points, have them tag her if she’s on social media. You can choose the winner yourself, or go by the comment that has the most likes or replies. Have a special superhero-themed prize ready for the chosen supermom! This can include Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Supergirl merchandise, such as mugs and tumblers, or other “hero” items that are easy to find in this, the age of Marvel.

???? Additional Contest Ideas ????

  • Purchase several small gifts to hand out to mothers who come into your office on Mother’s Day, and tell followers all about it through your Facebook or Instagram stories.
  • Dedicate the day to moms on your social media by asking followers questions like: What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? What do you love most about being a mom? What’s the weirdest thing your kid has asked for? What’s the funniest story you have about motherhood? Highlight the best answers in a second post!
  • Ask your followers to share a favorite handmade gift from their children, and give away small prizes for the ones you like the best!

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