Neon Canvas Gives Back : Memphis Animal Services

Every month, a Neon Canvas team member chooses an organization or event for us to connect with in order to give back to and build a stronger community. In April, our VP Joelle brought us along to a volunteer event at Memphis Animal Services. A day outside the office in the warm spring weather surrounded by some of the cutest pups the Mid-South has to offer? We’ll take it!

Joelle with rescue dogMemphis Animal Services has thousands of animals pass through their shelter annually. They offer a wide range of programs and services, including sheltering lost and homeless animals, facilitating pet adoption and placement, implementing spay and neuter programs, and educating the public on humane treatment of animals. They also handle animal control complaints, dog licensing, and investigations into mistreatment. Needless to say, they stay busy – and that’s where volunteers come in!

Although the staff at MAS are rock stars who consistently provide compassionate care to each animal they interact with, volunteers are an important part of their mission. Volunteers in the community are able to give MAS animals more comfort, love, security, and FUN! Our team was able to participate in a variety of activities during our day with these furry friends. We took several dogs out of the kennel, giving them a chance to walk, run, and play outdoors in the fresh air. We also had the opportunity to shoot some video which MAS will be using in their future adoption efforts.

As exciting as our time at MAS was, they have many other roles for volunteers to fill, including:

socializing animals
teaching basic obedience to dogs
taking photos of adoptable pets
writing bios for adoptable pets
introducing animals to potential adopters
doing laundry
working off-site at adoption events
doing admin computer or phone work from home


Good pup and Evan

The MAS volunteer program was developed to promote and complement the huge scope of work their staff tackles daily. By volunteering, our team was able to assist with the care of shelter dogs in a really meaningful way. While it is sad to see so many animals without forever homes, the excitement, affection, and joy these dogs showed during our time at MAS left us feeling grateful for the chance to spend even one day hanging out with them!

We’d love to inspire some of you to volunteer at Memphis Animal Services as well, whether it’s just one day or on a regular basis. If you’re interested, they hold volunteer orientations every 3rd Saturday of the month at 12 p.m. You can also email them at [email protected] or call 901-636-1448. If you’re looking for a rewarding volunteer experience that pays off in puppy kisses and kitty cuddles, check out Memphis Animal Services!

Thanks for following along on our journey to give back to the city we love! Check back with us soon to see what we are up to in May.

Good pup


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