6 Ways To Adjust Your Social Media Strategy During A Pandemic

There’s no denying that the current pandemic has changed a great deal about our daily lives, but you know what they say— the show must go on. Clients still have needs and you still need to be able to connect with them effectively. We talk a lot about social media and the role it plays in marketing, but in times like these, continuing with our typical strategy and content has the potential to come across as a bit tone deaf. What works right now is different from what would have worked three months ago. What people want and need has changed, and social media gives you the opportunity to meet them where they are. Here are 6 ways to adjust your social media strategy during a pandemic to show how we truly are all in this together!

Pinned posts

Many businesses had to amend their hours and services or shut down completely for a period of time. With several states rolling out the reopening process in phases, it can be confusing for clients and consumers to get accurate information on who’s open, when they’re open, and if there are any precautions they’re taking, such as requiring patrons to wear masks. Consider pinning a post on your Facebook and Twitter pages that give clients the most up-to-date information on your operating hours and safety guidelines. You can also add this to your Highlights on Instagram if you want to cover all your social media bases.

Post with a purpose

Take the phrase “read the room” to heart. You may have certain posts scheduled on your social media calendar that just aren’t a good fit for the current climate. That doesn’t mean you can’t post things that are light-hearted or even funny, but now more than ever, it’s important to consider why you’re posting. Ask yourself who the post is intended for, how it entertains or educates that audience, and what you’re trying to achieve by posting it. If it doesn’t feel right, save it for another time. 

Put the focus on people

We’ve talked often about how people crave authentic connections between themselves and the brands they care about. That’s especially true at the moment. When things feel big and scary, we look to those we trust and admire to remind us that we’re not alone in all this. Every business and organization is made up of exceptional people, and this is the time to remind your audience of that fact. Highlight the human face of your brand by showcasing team members and clients on your social media as much as you can. 

Experiment with new formats and timing 

We’ve all put a lot of work into understanding the most optimal formats and publishing windows for social media, but COVID-19 has changed all that. Although social media use in general is way up during this pandemic, our lives have been dramatically altered. There’s far less commuting, and many more parents trying to figure out how to work from home and care for their kids at the same time. Many gyms are still closed. Childcare options have been overhauled. Our schedules are all over the place, and this has created a big shift in not only what works on social media, but when it works. 

Where video posts may have been hugely popular before, we’re now seeing an increase in engagement with posts that don’t have any photos, videos, or links at all. Previously, mid-morning was a great time to post content. Now we’re seeing a trend  towards mid-to-late evening posts in some places. Take some time to figure out where your social media strategy needs to be tweaked, and be willing to experiment with both your content and timing for the best returns. 

Reimagine your digital marketing funnel

Remember the series we did recently about digital marketing funnels? It’s time to rethink yours. People may be unwilling or unable to buy into your services and products right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with quality insights, inspiration, and education. Use social media to spotlight how previous clients have benefitted from your services, share interesting and reliable resources, and give potential clients a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. Offering value like this builds trust, and trust builds loyalty.

Repurpose what works

You’ve put a lot into your social media strategy, and already have content that connects with your audience. Look at what’s had the most engagement over the last year or two and then deconstruct, repackage, and republish it. This allows you to take what is essentially a winning formula with a proven track record and give it a pandemic-appropriate reboot. Focus more on posts that are helping rather than selling at this time—and remember that one of the best ways to build your client base is to  provide something of value for free, including reliable and helpful information. If you have a heart for serving your community, those you serve won’t soon forget it.

It can feel really difficult to come up with a responsible, successful social media strategy for your business in these trying times, but it’s an essential part of reaching your target audience. If you’re struggling to communicate effectively with your followers, Neon Canvas has an amazing team in place to help you put new best practices into place. With a little expert advice and encouragement, you’ll be able to meet the needs of your existing clients, connect with your audience authentically, and build meaningful relationships that will last long past this pandemic. 

Kyle Fagala, DDS, MDS
Co-Founder, Neon Canvas


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