How To Create Amazing Social Media Content: Editing

Social media can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool in the right hands. It’s cost efficient, capable of relaying important information in real time, and acts as a bridge between a brand’s existing audience and new followers. But for all its benefits, social media can also be harmful if it’s not harnessed properly. Because of this, we’re taking a look at how you can create amazing social media content with editing. Everyone makes mistakes, but when they come in the form of a tweet or post, it may be tough to convince followers to give you a second chance!

That’s exactly why it’s essential to double- and triple-check your content before hitting the “post” button. Ideally, though, this is something you’ll think about at the very beginning of your creative process! As part of our “How To Create Amazing Social Media Content” series, we’re looking at what makes this particular type of marketing so successful and how you can implement that with your own brand. 

As any major business will tell you, careful editing is one of the most important lessons you can learn when it comes to social media! Here are a few of our favorite tips for consistently hitting the right notes across your social platforms.  

Create audience-specific content

In order to create engaging content, you’ll need to have a good baseline knowledge of you who you’re writing for and what works best on each social media platform. Certain types of content perform better on different social media platforms, and understanding exactly how that works can boost your engagement and take your content further. For example, videos are very popular on Facebook and often generate higher engagement on average than images and links. How-to guides, blog post summaries, and quick “behind the scene” shots can be an easy way to take advantage of this! 

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is all about high-res photos in your profile and fun stuff in your Stories. This is where our last installment in this series can be really useful! Think bright, beautiful shots that highlight your products, services, and staff. Use the Stories feature to announce giveaways, take viewers on a tour of the office, or livestream special events to make followers feel like they’re truly part of a community.  

User-generated content is another really simple way to increase engagement with your audience. Quotes, memes, and gifs boast high reach on virtually every platform! You should also take advantage of any current events or news stories that are relevant to your brand by posting a link with your own unique take on what’s happening. Remember to credit the original creator of any user-generated content you share!

Put extra eyes on it

No matter how careful you are when creating content for your social media, it’s easy to make mistakes. Almost everyone has a blind spot that prevents them from noticing errors in their own work that someone else may pick up on. When something as simple as a misplaced comma or incorrect word can distort the message you want to convey, it’s imperative to have someone else give your posts and tweets a once-over before posting them to your accounts. 

By having a trusted team member, friend, or family member check your content for clarity and correct grammar before posting, your audience will be able to focus on what you’re saying and not how you’re saying it. Don’t have anyone available? A simple spell check works wonders, and Grammarly can be a godsend for any writer! 

Know when to be funny—and when to hold back

It’s no secret that humor sells on social media. After all, who doesn’t love a good laugh, especially in 2020? Injecting humorous content into your social media feed can make your brand memorable and increase engagement, but if you aren’t careful, it can also backfire! There’s a time and a place for being funny, and it’s definitely something you don’t want to get wrong on your social media platforms. Caution in this area can be boiled down to three simple words: read the room. 

In other words, light-hearted humor that’s family-friendly and accessible to a wide audience is going to be your best bet in almost every social media situation. Avoid “edgy” memes, don’t try to combat complaints with a flippant attitude, and never, ever joke about ethnicity, religion, gender, or politics on your brand’s social media pages. Always keep in mind that less is definitely more when it comes to being funny on behalf of your brand, and post accordingly. 

Steer clear of certain words and phrases 

Even when written carefully and correctly, there are certain words and phrases that can just be, well, cringeworthy, when used on social media. For instance, avoid trendy terms unless they’re consistent with your brand’s established “voice.” It can be tempting to attract a younger audience using their own lingo, but if it comes across as trying too hard, it can actually alienate them. The same holds true for business jargon and content that doubles as clickbait. Remember, followers can smell phony from a mile away! They show up for authentic stories from and about your brand. Be true to who you are as a brand and the rest will follow. 

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to send the right message on social media. You can accomplish this by knowing your audience, listening to them, and communicating in a way that reflects what your brand stands for. This will allow you to build relationships with your followers that will be valuable to both you and them for many years to come! 

                                                                                                      Kyle Fagala, DDS, MDS
                                                                                                      Co-Founder, Neon Canvas

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