Meet Neon Canvas

We take a lot of pride in not only the work we do but how we do the work we do. Our passion for design and digital marketing comes from our respect for your business. We are grateful for the honor our clients have bestowed upon us to tell their story.

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The Neon Difference

Neon Canvas was created because web and design agencies have lost their path. Many believe a website is a commodity; we believe it is the backbone of your marketing and the core platform for your story.

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We are more than a vendor to our clients.

We are trusted partners creating an integral marketing solution for our stakeholders. We started Neon Canvas because the digital agency we wanted didn't exist. We handle every website, client, and digital marketing strategy in a unique and special way. We have kept Neon Canvas boutique in its scope to ensure that every client gets white glove service, and in turn, an amazing return on their investment.

We don't run ads, we tell stories.

The Neon Canvas team is made up of award winning experts in the various disciplines of marketing. From design and development, to SEO, Ads, and Copywriting, our team is built to perform as an integral piece of your internal marketing. Our success is measured by the return you receive on your investment through working with us and our promise is to work everyday toward maximizing success.