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Branding Might Begin With a Logo

But It Goes Much Deeper

A brand is defined simply enough as a specific name that’s associated with a specific product, but it’s really so much more than that.

When creating a brand, you want to evoke a particular feeling and reaction to your business. Your brand will convey not only your marketing message but your personality, as well as your relatability to current and potential customers.

Refining your brand identity is an opportunity to create the kind of loyalty that will grow your business. Does your current logo encompass all you aim to embody? Does it bolster your brand?

Making Your Logo Work for You

Logos Are All Around Us

Take your car, computer, shoes—even your laundry detergent— take a look around at these everyday objects and you’re likely to find a logo. There’s every chance that you chose these products in part because of those logos and what they mean to you personally.

Logos are your best way of reaching out to communicate and build a relationship with a customer. With a well-thought-out logo and an outstanding brand, developing a relationship with prospective clients becomes much more accessible.

Choose a unique & consistent identity

The Nike “swoosh” makes very little sense on the surface, yet it’s become one of the most globally recognizable logos over the years. This is the power of identity.

Breaking the “rules” to create an outside the box idea for a brand can work in your favor, and our Neon Canvas designers will collaborate with you to create the perfect unique expression of your company through a logo that will stand out in a world full of them.

Use your logo everywhere

Make sure you’re giving your logo as much exposure as possible! Once Neon Canvas completes your logo, you’ll want to include it on all company communications, signage, websites, marketing, and anywhere else you can show it off.

Let your logo be your megaphone, drawing attention to your brand, bringing people in.

Know the importance of imagery

Customers are keenly aware of how businesses brand and market themselves, and will see your logo as an example of your best work. Having an experienced and professional design team build your logo up from scratch will garner positive attention from your audience.

Even though a logo is only the first step in building your brand, it can often be one of the most important components of your business’s success.

Building Your Brand

Our team are highly skilled in helping you craft your brand to be the best that it can be. Working online through your website and social media, advertising print materials, and marketing initiatives -- we cover all the bases in presenting a concise message about your business.

From the beginning, this is a team effort. We want to know what makes you tick, what makes you stand out from your competition, how your current customers view your business, and where you want to be positioned in the market.

This allows our Neon Canvas designers to create a customized strategy for building you the strongest brand possible, including everything from business cards to web design and more.

Branding Case Study

See how we helped CHT Orthodontics light up its brand with a new logo and identity system. After just six months with Neon Canvas, they saw a 30% increase in traffic to the website and an 88% increase in social engagement.

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Let Us Tell Your Story

We aren’t interested in building a brand that’s easy to forget. We closely monitor, tweak, and nourish your brand’s growth in order to create a strong and healthy identity for your company.

As your brand identity strengthens, it generates loyalty for your business, and from there, your business’s reputation will precede you.

The excellent customer service you provided for a regular customer turns into three new referrals. The product you specialize in finds its target market, and a demand for your business grows, growing your bottom line with it.

These are the stories we love to hear, and they’re the stories we’re here to help you create. Whether you need a brand new logo, print ads, business cards, or a complete business package, we’re ready to deliver.

With a wide range of experience in both digital and traditional marketing, Neon Canvas is a one-stop-shop for all of your design needs, and the first step in building a brand you can be proud of.