Transform Your Patient Engagement

Neon Canvas is proud to offer the new patient automation platform built exclusively for our clients — Contour. Turn leads into starts with this powerful suite of tools tailored specifically for you and your practice.

Why Contour

Why Contour?

Are you converting your leads into new patients the way you should? We’ve all found ourselves watching promising prospects fade away due to inattention, lack of engagement, and a host of other reasons. Luckily, Neon Canvas has a solution.

Contour gives our clients the edge when it comes to scheduling consults for three powerful reasons:


Automated Lead Nurturing


Automated Speed-to-lead


Multi-Channel Engagement


Maximize Your Consultation Bookings

Neon Canvas clients see a significant increase in scheduled consultations, thanks to our cutting-edge approach to patient engagement. Quick, personalized responses are key to converting inquiries into appointments.


Instant Connection, Better Results

Connecting with new patients within 30 seconds can boost your scheduling rates by 32.9%. Our platform ensures you're the first to reach out, making a lasting first impression.


Persistence Pays Off

Increasing your call attempts from one to three can enhance scheduling rates by more than 47%. Our automated system makes follow-up effortless, ensuring no potential patient slips through the cracks.


Text Over Email

Automated and personalized text messages see 304% more engagement than emails. In today's mobile-first world, texting is the key to effective communication.


The Ultimate New Patient Automation Platform

Designed exclusively for Neon Canvas clients, Contour is the world-leading platform that automates your new patient process, ensuring you're the first practice potential patients talk to—and the one they remember.


Be Everywhere Your Patients Are

With 78% of patients choosing the first practice they connect with, it's crucial to prioritize your new patient process. Contour's multi-channel approach ensures you're always the first and most memorable contact.