How to Use Reels & Stories for Orthodontic Marketing

They say that when one of the first motion-picture films hit the big screen, the now-infamous train video sent the audience running for the doors. Since then, however, video content has had the opposite effect:  we just can’t get enough. In fact, it’s predicted that video will make up 82% of internet traffic in 2024, and with audiences craving more and more films to scroll, it’s your turn to Reel in the likes (literally). So, without further adieu, here’s how to use Reels and Stories for orthodontic marketing and maximize your video content for success. 

Why Video? 

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand photos. 

There are so many ways to share content, and all of them matter for a healthy orthodontic marketing campaign. Photos, blogs, podcasts – these avenues can draw user interest and encourage your audience to meet with you. But the thing about video? It combines all of their best qualities to create a seamless and interactive experience for the user. It’s as close to in-person as you can get to your audience, and that gives you the power to directly impact your audience before they ever step through your doors. 

We’ve Got the Numbers to Back Us Up

It’s not just our opinion that video content is highly successful. There are numerous studies to show that users often prefer this sort of content and that it is more effective for your orthodontic marketing campaign than you may have realized. 

In fact…

Reels vs. Stories

Although the two are similar, it’s important to use them in the right way – and context is key. 

Reels are short, engaging videos lasting up to 90 seconds that have a wider, longer-lasting reach than Stories and remain on your page as permanent posts. Unlike photos on your regular Instagram feed, the Reels feed finds and recommends new content for you based on what you like, even from creators you don’t follow. This organic reach is a free opportunity to put your brand in front of new potential patients without paying for Meta ads. 

You can use Reels for behind-the-scenes content (like your day-to-day office life), educational videos (like how-to’s), or even showing off your services (like the treatment options you offer that other practices might not). 

Because Stories are only live for 24-hour periods as opposed to the permanent nature of a Reels feed, they are an effective tool for sharing casual experiences and building that relatability and trust with your audience. You can use Stories to share quick updates about your practice (like office closures), celebrate important events (like practice anniversaries), or open up a space for conversation (like the polls). 

How to Use Reels & Stories for Orthodontic Marketing

While TikTok may be the first video-forward platform that comes to mind, Instagram is actually over 30% more effective than its rival. Through the Reels and Stories features, this app allows businesses to engage with their audiences more directly and efficiently than through most other platforms. 

We’ve outlined a few tips for how to use these features to your advantage.

1: Be Yourself

Being yourself is good advice on a personal level, but it’s excellent advice on a business level as well. People are more likely to trust businesses that feel personified, so the more you share your personality – and the more consistent you are with it – the more you’ll build a relationship with your target audience. 

As an orthodontist marketing your practice, you have the power to make your audience feel familiar with your office before they ever visit. Share funny moments throughout the day on your Story or broadcast your smile reveal celebrations through Reels. Doing any, all, and more of these videos will encourage emotional engagement and make users more likely to visit your practice for their own treatment. 

2: Share Your Expert Knowledge

Internet users are increasingly using social media outlets as search engines, similar to how they would use Google to search for information about businesses before they move forward. By using your expertise to answer your audience’s potential questions about orthodontic treatment, you can leverage this trend to your advantage. 

Patients will always appreciate a practice with a proven level of experience. Share your professional wisdom, opinions, and advice through both Stories and Reels to set yourself apart from your competitors and increase the sense of trust you have built between yourself and your followers. 

3: Keep It Casual & Consistent

Knowing your environment is just as important in the digital world as it is in the real one. In the same way, you wouldn’t talk to your professional peers as you do your friends, you wouldn’t talk to your audience on LinkedIn the same way you talk to them on Instagram. 

Instagram offers a casual atmosphere that encourages users to connect with each other on a more personal level and on a consistent basis. For that reason, frequently posting Stories is key to any strong orthodontic marketing strategy. The idea is to share content frequently to keep your icon at the top of their Instagram feed; that way, you stay on top of their mind, too. 

3, 2, 1…Action

Video content is absolutely essential to any orthodontic marketing strategy, but using it in the right way is even more important. When it comes to creating your own video content, following these guidelines will help you stay on the right track and get higher returns on your time investment. 

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