5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas To Make Your Patients’ Hearts Skip A Beat!

We’ve got nothing but heart eyes for you and we know you love your clients, too! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make your patients’ hearts skip a beat with the 5 fun ideas we’ve listed below.

1) Valentine’s Day Posts

You don’t have to go all out if that’s not your thing, but sharing a simple Valentine’s Day post will put you on the radar and reinforce your brand’s relatability. Need an example or two? We’ve got you covered!

  • “Are you ready to fall in love with your smile? Today is the perfect day to take the first step towards the confident smile you deserve. Call now to schedule a FREE consultation!”
  • “Show your smile a little love this Valentine’s Day! Come by our office and fall head-over-heels with the wide variety of orthodontic options we offer. The smile you’ve been dreaming of is waiting for you right through our doors!”

2) Valentine’s Day Giveaways 

Host a giveaway in the week leading up to Valentine’s, offering a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, a flower or edible arrangement, chocolate covered strawberries – be creative and take advantage of local businesses! Announce your winner shortly before Valentine’s Day so they have plenty of time to plan. You could also encourage the winner to share a photo of them enjoying their prize to further increase engagement.

3) Share The Love!

Valentine’s is all about the love, so show your followers how you feel about them by offering something of value, such as a discount, a limited time offer, or some useful advice. Make it more memorable by using a short, fun video to announce it! Hint: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have a variety of holiday-themed filters, and hearts are almost always featured in one form or another.

4) Share A Love Story

Who doesn’t love a love story? Take this opportunity to shout-out your significant other, or have a team member share a photo and tell their own love story. Encourage your followers to do the same in the comments! You can let these stand on their own, or you could offer a prize to the story or photo with the most likes and replies.

5) Show Your Community Some Love 

Giving back to the community never goes out of style. Show followers how your office shares the love by choosing a charity or nonprofit to donate time or money to on Valentine’s Day. The possibilities are endless! Your team could work with a food bank, create Valentine’s for children in need or nursing home residents, or do a coat drive to help the homeless in your area stay warm. There are so many ways to give back for the day that it will be easy to find one that suits your team’s personality and values!

A note on this item: for the biggest impact, make sure you complete your chosen activity in enough time to have a photo or video content to share to your social media platforms on Valentine’s Day.

Suggestions For Any Of The Above Contests

  1. Announce the winner on Facebook/Instagram Live
  2. Make a cute/funny/silly team video announcing the contest on social media
  3. Send an email to your database announcing the contest (in addition to a social media post)

If you would like more ideas or have questions, feel free to reach out! We’re here to help!

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