Hashtags And Engagement

If hashtags and engagement go hand in hand, then it only stands to reason that the more hashtags you include in your post the more engagement it will receive. It has been proven that Instagram posts with the highest engagement have 11 or more hashtags. Hashtags help to categorize and label your images so they show up in basic searches. You are only allowed 30 hashtags per post, so make them count!

Here are a few tips to remember before adding hashtags:

  • Choose hashtags that connect with your clients
  • Use local hashtags
  • Use industry specific hashtags
  • Use hashtags your clients would use to search for you
  • Use company specific hashtags (but limit to 1 or 2)

It is important to use phrases and subjects that apply to your business. Here are some questions to keep in mind when choosing a hashtag :

  • What is the main goal of the post?
  • What categories does this image fall under?
  • Are your hashtags intentional?

Asking yourself these questions can help determine whether you want a hashtag that will cover a broad area of your business, or one that applies to a specific area of your business. Research is important as well. Seek out peers and associates in your industry to see which hashtags they have used that gained them the most engagement from their customers (or just ask me ). Compiling a list of different hashtags with different categories will help you be prepared to post a photo. Here are some helpful resources:

    • Submit your list of hashtags to test out the popularity of them.
    • Ritetag.com
    • Submit your list of hashtags to see how relevant they are. This site will rate each hashtag based on whether it performs poor, good, is overused, etc. It helps you to see how effective each hashtag is.

Before you post your image to Instagram, have a plan of action for your hashtags. Leave no user unengaged!