The Challenge

The Ortho Exchange study group is a group of leading Orthodontist across the world who share and curate information to help improve one another’s practice and the Orthodontic community as a whole. While they have a thriving private Facebook group, they were ready to expand their footprint.

How We Helped

Web Design

Ortho Exchange Homepage Mockups

Orthodontic Exchange has been a career-changing study club for me and its nearly 200 member orthodontists. The bulk of the activity takes place within a closed Facebook group, and while Facebook is a huge upgrade over a traditional message board, it isn't great at everything. Having a dedicated member website for Dropbox-integrated file organization, a shareable Google Map with member locations, and a private blog was a huge plus. Further, having a public side to the website where prospective members can learn more and apply to join the group is a major advantage.
Web Design

The Ortho Exchange website had two main goals; create a search function to locate OE members and create an online application to attract potential new members. The project included Facebook profile signup integration, a members login area, and Google map integration search.

Ortho Exchange Ipad