SEO Services & Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most important keys to an effective marketing strategy is making your business highly visible, so that potential customers have the ability to find you and explore your brand. Search engine optimization is an excellent tool to get you there.

SEO is the process of optimizing your site for top ranking keywords, with the aim of driving potential customers to your site. It might sound simple, but truly efficient SEO services takes time, focus, and seasoned expertise, something the Neon Canvas team has in spades. Our experience and ingenuity allow us to execute the kind of individualized strategy that will boost your business.

We take special interest in monitoring how visitors use your website, and this is the basis for our powerful results. By looking at the data and seasonality trends for your website, we’re able to use this to create a roadmap that will increase your online visibility by establishing the keywords we wish to target and using them to direct traffic to your site.

SEO is an ongoing, ever-changing, and constantly evolving component of your company’s success. As SEO experts, Neon Canvas stay tuned to any algorithm changes and adjust your content accordingly. We also focus on keeping your content fresh, since recently updated pages tend to thrive in search rankings. We’ll regularly present you with an SEO report, which includes information on how your targeted keywords are performing in rankings. This tool allows us to discuss how you’re progressing towards your goals, so that we can make recommendations for any improvements needed.
If you’re business is closer to the bottom than the top of Google rankings, and you’re not really sure what keywords customers should be searching to find companies like yours, our experienced team is ready to provide SEO services with all the information you need on how we can achieve better rankings for your business.