Building a Brand That’s Seen and Heard

Social media is an increasingly invaluable part of successful marketing, essentially becoming the eyes, ears, and voice of your company online. It can be confusing and time-consuming trying to balance brand awareness with website traffic and boosting your bottom line, and that’s where social media consulting with Neon Canvas comes into play.

Whether you want someone who is adept at completely controlling all your social media posting, or just need a consultation or two to get your own internal specialist started, we’re here to help you implement an effective social media strategy. Together with our team of experienced social media professionals, we’ll pair up paid internet advertising with organic social media marketing, producing an affordable and efficient way to engage with your target audience.

Casting the Net in Cost Efficient Ways

Working within the guidelines of your predetermined budget, Neon Canvas will target product and service promotions by tried and trusted methods like pay per click ads, boosted Facebook posts, advertising on various platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and any number of original digital campaigns.

In order to promote your business, we provide carefully crafted postings, strategic hashtagging and heavily encourage audience interaction on all your active social media platforms.

Branding and Beyond

Neon Canvas provides comprehensive social media services, meaning we ensure all your social media platforms are branded consistently. We streamline profile photos, usernames, bios, and any other identifying features to match your overall brand. This not only looks more professional and polished, but will allow users to easily see all the parts of your company’s official web presence.

Beyond promoting your brand, we’re available to address customer questions, respond to comments, and answer requests for information on social media. Often, the best social media content comes from inside your company, and we love to build on that by identifying assets you already have and turning them into social success stories.

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The Measure of Success

The Neon Canvas social media management team will monitor any mentions of your organization across the various social media platforms, blogs and news outlets, as well as following consumer and market trends.