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The Digital Orthodontist: Live! Podcast

The Digital Orthodontist: Live is a video podcast hosted by Orthodontist, co-founder of Neon Canvas, and digital marketing expert Dr. Kyle Fagala. In each episode, Dr. Kyle interviews a well-known orthodontist or member of the orthodontic industry. The show is a mix of traditional interview questions with interactive games for a fun mix of education and entertainment. Past guests have included Dr. Stuart Frost, Dr. Amanda Gallagher, Dr. Anil Idiculla, Dr. David Sarver, Dr. Lisa Alvetro, and many more.

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Always wanted to nail your orthodontic digital marketing?

Enter... The Digital Orthodontist Facebook Group!

The TDO Facebook Group is limited to Orthodontists, Orthodontic team members, and Orthodontic industry members, and at 5,400 members and growing, it's the perfect place to help you improve your orthodontic practice. From online advertising to social media, and from work-life balance to the perfect marketing campaign, we've got you covered. Just follow the link to apply to join. See you there!

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