How to Get More Google Reviews (& Build Your Reputation)

Ah, the humble referral. It’s the holy grail of marketing. When someone appreciates your business enough to put their own good judgment on the line and stand behind you, people notice. While online reviews take the place of word-of-mouth marketing in the digital sphere, they’re just as important for your practice’s success. So today, we’re covering how to get more Google reviews so you can boost your reputation and generate more leads for your practice. 

The Importance of Online Reviews

They’re trustworthy. They’re SEO-friendly. They’re free. What more can we say? 

Ask yourself this question: when you choose to buy a product or service, do you look up the customer reviews before you seal the deal? If you said yes, you’re in good company. No less than 95% of customers read reviews before spending money, say the stats, and of those 95%, 68% won’t trust the rating unless there is a significant number of reviews backing the score. 

That’s a lot of room for impact, and the reasons behind the stats are clear. 

#1: Reviews Impact Your Trust & Credibility

First and foremost, what people are saying about you and your business directly affects how future potential customers will see you, too. If you’ve got a 5-star rating and the numbers to bolster it, you’re in good standing. If your reviews are struggling, however, it could mean it’s time to go back to the drawing board and realign your marketing strategy

#2: Reviews Show How You Stand Out Against Your Competitors

Influence by comparison – don’t knock it til you try it. When your Google My Business profile appears next to your peers in the “local pack” on a Google search results page, it’s clear who has the most fans. The number of stars you’ve earned out of 5 can be a telltale sign of your practice’s value in contrast with your competitors. Just remember, it can be a double-edged sword.

#3: Reviews Give You Valuable Client Information

A big chunk of local business marketing strategies depend on predicting what exactly it is that the client wants, while the other half is showing how you deliver on those needs with the most value. Google reviews make it easier to see where you’re hitting the mark and where you’re missing it, so you can address their concerns with more efficiency. 

#4: Reviews Boost Your Local SEO

The domino effect of good reviews just keeps going. Clients are more likely to click on practices with higher reviews, and all that positive review site traffic signals to Google that your business is worth boosting to the top. It also pushes you up in the “local pack” rankings, which is the box of local search and map listings that we all know and love. 

#5: Reviews Provide Cost-Effective Marketing 

Not all digital marketing has to amp up your ads budget. As a supplement to a thriving digital marketing strategy, reviews provide free support for your business. When your customers are doing the lion’s share of the marketing for you, you can amplify your leads exponentially. 

#6: Reuse Reviews for Other Marketing Content

Doubling up on content is a great way to save time, money, and energy while getting the most out of your efforts. Google reviews can make excellent highlights for your social media, website callouts, and even print ads. Get the word, then spread the word. That’s how you’ll get more leads. 

How to Get Google Reviews

There are more ways than one to get the job done. 

So we know reviews work. Great. Now, how do you get your happy clients to share their experiences? Use these ideas to get started. 

#1: Ask Your Clients

Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking for a review. Capitize on moments of success by asking a happy client to share their story – if the emotion of the moment strikes them, they are more likely to follow through. 

#2: Make It Easy to Review

Everyone’s busy, and even for the most satisfied and grateful clients may struggle to take the time out of their day to write a review. Remove as many obstacles in their path as possible to make it easy for them to do, like setting a QR code on your front desk or leaving a review link in your social media bio. 

#3: Follow Up with Clients

After your patients have left your office, send them a follow-up email or text with an overview of their appointment information and a callout for a review at the bottom. The recap shows you’re willing to go the extra mile to help them, and it encourages them to help you out, too. A win-win, if you will. 

#4: Incentivize Reviews (with Caution!)

If you need an ace up your sleeve sooner rather than later, tying reviews to giveaways or promotions can help you get the numbers you need. But remember: ask for honest reviews, not positive reviews or you could be penalized. 

Ready, Set, Review

Getting creative with your digital marketing strategy can help you maximize your results, and getting Google reviews is a great way to do just that. Amplify the voice of your current patients to attract new ones, and you’ll get more leads than ever before. And if your current reviews are tanking, you know who to call to get them back on track

Ready to Get More Leads & Grow Your Business?