Why Trust Your Orthodontic Marketing To an Agency in 2024

Good things may come to those who wait, but better things come to those who act. In the fast-paced digital age of 2024, hiring a digital marketing agency is the decisive action that can garner great rewards in the new year. Let’s reveal why patience is a virtue, but proactivity is a game-changer – here’s why to trust your orthodontic marketing to an agency in 2024. 

Agencies Have a Team of Industry Experts All In One Place

…and they’re all there to work on your projects to boost your brand. 

SEO specialists. Graphic designers. Social media specialists. Copywriters. These are just a few of the professionals required to really get an orthodontic marketing campaign off the ground, and the work it takes to hire them all as separate freelancers can put a strain on your already busy team. It’s much easier to communicate with an agency that can do the legwork of delegating this suite of tasks for you than to delegate it all yourself – and that’s the beauty of hiring a marketing agency. 

What’s more, is that an agency has already done the professional vetting for you. By hiring the best and brightest from all areas of the advertising world, an orthodontic marketing agency will be prepared to find a solution for any need with a specialized approach that clicks with your particular audience. 

Agencies Handle the Marketing While You Handle the Rest

When you’re spread too thin, the quality of the work is usually the first to take a hit. Share the workload with an agency, and your orthodontic marketing strategies will benefit. 

You could spend your time researching, analyzing, and working on campaigns – or you could spend your time doing the job you studied for years in dental school and residency training to do. Take it from us: orthodontic marketing is a full-time gig. In fact, with all of the different skills and to-do lists required to do a good job managing an ad strategy, the reality is that it consists of multiple full-time gigs spread across multiple sub-fields. From optimizing your website to rank higher on Google to generating ideas for social media and everything in between, digital marketing is its own profession for a reason – and trusting an agency to take care of this work for you will make all the difference for your ROI.  

Agencies Help You Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

Whether it’s Google or Instagram, the rules of play could change at any moment, and you need someone there to help you stay relevant during any new development. 

Marketing is all about understanding your audience and finding new ways to connect with them. It’s as simple as that – but simple doesn’t always mean easy. In the modern era of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, what’s trending right now might not be in a few weeks, days, or even hours, and it’s important to recognize these changes and adapt accordingly to keep your audience’s attention. 

Google is no different. As the search engine gets better and better at understanding and anticipating its users’ every need, the algorithm that helps put you at the top of their search results pages changes frequently. While this is good for the searcher, adjustments like this could throw off your strategy, and who better to put you back on than an agency of professionals who know Google like the back of their hands?

Hiring an orthodontic marketing agency with specialists who understand each of these problems and spend their days finding solutions is a huge advantage for your business – and in a dog-eat-dog world, it’s important to find your edge to stay ahead of your competition. 

Agencies Make Reporting & Analytics Easy

Having the numbers is one thing; understanding how to use them to boost your business is another altogether. 

Your return on investment is the most important part of why you develop your orthodontic marketing strategies in the first place – but without the numbers to back up those strategies, it’s a guessing game as to whether what you’re doing is working at all. Fortunately, this is what orthodontic marketing agencies do best because, at the end of the day, helping you see the value of their work is what keeps them in the business. 

And when you have a marketing agency on your side, you have a team of experts dedicated to helping you understand the numbers, interpret them, and use them to create new goals. 

Agencies Give You Someone to Turn To, Rain or Shine

There’s comfort in having a team to back you if something goes wrong, and that’s exactly what an agency is there for. 

Whether it’s a Google Analytics update or an error on your website, dealing with a crisis on your own can be intimidating at best and nearly impossible at worst. Trusting an orthodontic marketing agency can take the weight off your shoulders and give you a pool of resources for all of your various marketing needs. 

It’s always nice to have someone to lean on. 

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