Top 5 Things Your Orthodontic Website Needs

The year is 2022, and the name of the game is digital marketing. As a successful orthodontist in a post-Covid world, you know that your website is your mainline to reaching prospective patients – but building that website is a challenge when you’re busy making patients smile! 

Your days of worrying about keeping up with the past-paced world of digital marketing on your own are over. While you transform crooked grins into straight smiles, your team at Neon Canvas has already figured out how to help boost your online presence with these top 5 things your orthodontic website needs:

  • SEO
  • Data Tracking
  • Compelling Copy
  • Graphic Design
  • Updated Photos

In this blog, we’re going to unpack each of these topics to give you a better picture of what it truly takes to maintain a high-perfoming orthodontic website – and how the Neon Canvas team can help you with yours!


Search-Engine Optimization 

The Goal: Make your website more “searchable.”

Consider your personal search engine experience: how many times have you clicked on the fourth or fifth search result, let alone checked the second results page? Hardly ever, according to the current statistics. As many as 32% of searchers click on the first result Google shows them (Backlinko), and as few as 4% visit the second results page. 

To outrank your competitors, you’ll need a fully-fledged SEO team with experience in orthodontic digital marketing like Neon Canvas.

Answering Questions

Attracting patients to your website and keeping them engaged is Neon Canvas’s number one goal, and you can think of our SEO team as the tour guides that lead them there. Our SEO team drops breadcrumbs in the form of keywords, local links, and informative content that signal to Google that your site has the expertise to provide the answers searchers are looking for. 

By researching the types of questions your client demographic is asking, we can tailor your website accordingly. Everything from your homepage to your blog content can boost your website’s SEO, and we make sure you consistently rank at or near the top so more people visit your site and decide to move forward with treatment. 

Google’s job is to give your clients the best answer to their burning questions. Our job is to make sure the answer they find is YOU. 


Data Tracking

The Goal: Keep tabs on what’s working, what’s not, and how we can use SEO to improve your rankings. 

Using keywords and inbound links is only half the battle of SEO. To maintain a fully-optimized website, you’ll need access to all your website’s performance data and a team that constantly works to improve your numbers. 

Always Optimizing

Neon Canvas uses a mix of tools to analyze your website’s performance. These data metrics give our team a keen insight into which pages on your site are attracting the most web traffic. When certain pages are gaining momentum (our team lovingly refers to this momentum as the “juice”), the SEO team can double down its efforts to 1) learn what it is about the page that is generating so much traffic, 2) repeat this process for other pages, and 3) take advantage of the momentum by adding more links. 

Our SEO team always has eyes on key performance indicators that help us to improve every aspect of your website. Wherever the “juice” is, we’re right there making the most of it. Wherever the “juice” isn’t, we’re working to find opportunities to change that. 


Neon Canvas is all about transparency. We want you to be able to view the exact data that we use to improve your SEO rankings and website performance, which is why we display all of this information in an easy-to-navigate format on your client dashboard. This analytics portal will show you how much traffic your website is generating and how well your ads campaigns are faring. 


Compelling Copy

The Goal: Give your brand a unique, knowledgeable, and SEO-friendly voice that sells orthodontic treatment with style. 

Imagine that your website is your brand’s salesperson. The “copy” is the voice they use to give your audience the sales pitch. By definition, copy is written content that works to persuade your target audience to invest in orthodontic treatment. In fact, you’re reading copy right now. 

Our Neon Canvas copywriters are tasked with the challenge of juggling keyword integration and readability to create easily scannable web pages that hold short attention spans. Remember: the average American reads at an 8th grade level, so writing pages that explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand format is key to effective website copy. 

Everything from your website’s headlines, your doctor bios, your blogs, and your landing pages is all made up of compelling copy that encourages your audience to click the “free consultation” link. This is the mouthpiece of your brand. Done well, the words on your website will support SEO to boost your rankings, help your patients navigate your website, and highlight the most marketable features of your brand for peak conversion rates. 


Graphic Design

The Goal: Create a visually-appealing, easy-to-navigate website that reflects your brand. 

Imagine one more time that your website is your brand’s salesperson. Who do you think your patients would rather work with: an ambassador with untied shoes and a wrinkled shirt or a clean-shaven professional with a nice outfit? For better or for worse, appearances matter, and the look of your website – like the look of your sales person – can make or break your user engagement. 

The aesthetics of your website make your brand look more professional, trustworthy, and experienced. Our Graphic Design team works to create websites that present information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-navigate format. Impressive visuals can help guide your patient’s eye to features you want to highlight, all while making your office appear stylish, modern, and fresh. 

At Neon Canvas, our team takes your brand’s aesthetic into account to give you a website with personality and flair. 


Updated Photos

The Goal: Help your clients put a face to your brand name so they can picture themselves working with your team. 

As the modern world turns to the Internet to get first impressions of people and businesses, your online presence is key to gaining patients. The more current your website’s photos are, the more your patients will be able to connect personally to your office. 

At Neon Canvas, our goal is to put prospective patients in the shoes of your greatest success stories. Doing so takes visual connection. Users want to see the smiling faces of the employees that currently work at your office as well as patients who have already undergone treatment with you. Putting a face to your brand is essential to driving website visitors to free consultations, free consultations to treatments, and treatments to straight smiles. 


Light Up Your Brand with Neon Canvas

Your website is your patients’ first impression of you. From SEO to graphic design, Neon Canvas has everything you need to build a high-performing orthodontic website that turns great first impressions into successful conversions. 

If you’re ready to watch your inbox fill up with appointment requests, we’re ready to help you light up your brand. Let’s talk today!

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