Welcome to Neon Canvas

So here it is… Neon Canvas. To tell you where we are now, I have to tell you where we started. Neon Canvas is the product of Dr. Kyle Fagala and myself, along with a couple of the most talented people we know. Kyle and I have built a friendship throughout the years over marketing reports, facebook ads, and Grizzlies games. Ultimately, it became evident to us both that we were going to work together as partners on a venture to provide digital marketing consulting.

We knew that if we were going to be great at what we do, we needed to add some more pieces to the puzzle. The first piece we needed was a designer, and I had my guy from the day I met him.

Our CCO Noah Shrader and I worked together previously at another agency and he is the digital artist, that for me, sets the bar. Noah graciously accepted to join us coming from one of the finest institutions we have in Memphis, TN: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Having spread my wings in Digital Marketing over the last 10 years, I have learned the value of content. We have added immense talent to our content teams with Cassie, Katee, Trenton, and Theron.

Our agency is unique because we all grew up in the age of emerging internet and gaming technology. From Nintendo to iPhones, our generation was the first to adopt these new technologies.

Our generation was also the first to be constantly bombarded by media and advertising. It was everywhere growing up. With the advent of cable TV and the burgeoning era of print media, we couldn’t look at anything without there being an ad attached.

All of this led me to a fascination with advertising and consumer behavior. What makes people buy? How and when? These are things I nerd out about; all the time.

Lucky for me, I found a few like-minded folks and we formed a super-group of digital marketing talent called Neon Canvas.

We are at an interesting crossroads with the web and digital marketing. Things are changing so quickly in our industry that it does not take long for a business’s systems and platforms to become out of date.

Many owners are finding out that the website they built just a few years ago is not cutting it in today’s digital world. The recent emergence of mobile technology has ushered in an internet marketing boom.

Another major issue we are seeing in the market is that businesses have siloed their online marketing, failing to make it a part of their overall marketing strategy. With this consistently happening in the market, we saw an opportunity to provide a level of marketing consulting that is very rare in our industry.

What we do at Neon Canvas is not just SEO or Web Design. We are changing the way that business owners look at their marketing budget and efforts. We are focused on the results and outcomes, realizing that we need to touch everything in between.

A fully engaged relationship with Neon Canvas will transform your digital presence in every way: from branding to lead generation and marketing automation.

Your brand, your website, your content, your ads, your social strategy; everything will be under our microscope to dissect and perfect. Build, study, test, optimize, and convert; it’s what we do. All day – every day.

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