What Should You Include in Your 2023 Marketing Budget?

In the orthodontic marketing world, not all forms of advertisement are created equal. From Google Ads to classic giveaways, each marketing tool should have its own place within your budget, but you should trust the experts to help you determine what to prioritize and what to leave on the back burner. With the New Year coming up, it’s time to get your budget on track for success, and the Neon Canvas team is here to tell you what you should include in your 2023 marketing budget – let’s go!


Sign yourself up for quarterly contests, sales, and deals. 

There’s a reason promotions are one of the most classic forms of digital marketing: they work! Our experts recommend that you earmark between two and three thousand dollars per quarter on promotions when you plan your 2023 marketing budget. 

Running and advertising periodic contests, sales, and deals serves several purposes for your business. Not only do they help you push the products or services you need to sell the most and provide a return on investment that’s well worth your while, they also generate buzz around your brand. This publicity helps your practice build connections with new patients while strengthening your existing connections, and you can’t put a price on that. 


Free Swag = Free Advertising.

At the root of it, everyone loves free stuff – and if your patients are sporting your swag, you’re winning, too. Our team recommends spending a portion of your 2023 marketing budget on creating high-quality, high-demand giveaway items that your patients and customers genuinely enjoy (emphasis on the high-quality). 

When your patients rep your orthodontic or dental practice’s brand in public, they show their community that they support your business. Plus, by framing giveaways as an enter-to-win deal, you can win reviews, likes and follows on social media, and client referrals. Win-win. 

Google Ads

Invest big, and your ROI will thank you. 

If you’re looking to boost your web traffic, get ready to devote a significant portion of your marketing budget to Google Ads. When prepping for the new year, expect to spend big in this corner – we’re talking anywhere between $1,000-$20,000, or roughly 7% of your budget, depending on the size of your practice. 

There’s no doubt that the massive search engine is a powerhouse for helping your patients find your practice online, and it’s no surprise that spending money with Google will help your SEO rankings at the end of the day. Google Ads direct your target audience to your website, and this traffic translates into higher conversion rates. 

Facebook Ads

Stay in the Facebook Ad game, but don’t overextend. 

The Neon Canvas team advises that you dedicate money to Facebook Ads, but only a small amount. While this form of advertising is a great way to support your business, a small budget will get the job done. 

Moreover, it’s important to understand that simply creating a Facebook Ad and unleashing it on the social media platform won’t help your business. On their own, most Facebook Ads won’t appear organically on your target audience’s screens – they need a little help. Boosting your ads every time you post them will ensure that all your followers stay informed about your practice and your promotions, which means boosts are an essential part of your Facebook Ad budget. 


Whether you’re hosting or attending, events are a great marketing tool. 

Similar to giveaways, this slice of your budget focuses on building a strong presence and reputation in your practice’s community. Community involvement reflects a sense of familiarity, solidarity, and generosity that is extremely attractive to both current and prospective patients alike. Put simply, events are great PR moves that will make your office more competitive – so don’t leave them out of the budget in 2023.

Traditional Ads

Not for start-ups, but older practices may benefit. 

The glory days of Mad-Men style traditional advertising may be over, but you may still want to dedicate a small portion of your marketing budget to them depending on the type of practice you have. Traditional advertising works best for established businesses looking to extend their brand awareness across the community. If you’re already doing a great job on the digital front, feel free to dedicate a portion of your budget to this form of advertising. 

Trust the Digital Marketing Experts at Neon Canvas

It’s almost the new year, and creating your 2023 budget is at the top of your list – but don’t forget that your Neon Canvas digital marketing team is here to help you prioritize your spending. Generating a return on investment that replenishes your budget is the end goal, and there’s no better place to find success than with our team. 

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