4 Tactics to Increase Engagement on Your Social Media

When it comes to orthodontic and dental marketing, the digital landscape is extremely competitive, and everyone’s looking to increase their following. Cutting your way through the digital jungle can feel daunting, especially when you’re unsure how to navigate the algorithm. When it comes to increasing your reach in the world of social media, you need to know how to boost engagement on your posts, and we’ve got you covered. Here are four tactics to increase engagement on your social media. 

Engagement: Why’s It So Important? 

While it may be obvious that generating social media engagement is crucial for your business, it may not be obvious why. The reason is simple: not only does a post with lots of likes, comments, and shares attract the attention of your audience, but it also attracts the notice of the algorithm, and the algorithm is the holy grail of social media success.

When your audience interacts with your content, it sends a signal to the algorithm that your post is doing really well with your followers. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram then reward this successful content by showing your post to even more people outside of your own audience, helping you reach a wider crowd and get discovered by new people who might be interested in your content.

This also makes it easier to target your audience without having to spend money on ads. The algorithm is more likely to show your posts on the explore page, which means that you can get more organic reach without having to rely on a paid strategy. 

Try These Tactics to Increase Social Media Engagement

Use Strong Calls to Action (That Aren’t Salesy)

It’s everyone’s first instinct to get right to the point when trying to make a sale, but remember: social media is a dish best served subtle.

Including a call to action at the end of a caption or in the body of a graphic post is a great way to encourage interaction. But while traditional CTAs like “Call now!” or “Schedule Today!” can be effective in some contexts, this approach is too, well, “salesy.” 

An overly-salesy CTA could seem disingenuous to your followers. Instead, it’s better to use CTAs that encourage conversation, shares, and further interaction directly on social media. This increased action in the comments tells Instagram or Facebook that followers are interested in the post, boosting your rapport with the algorithm and putting you in front of more audiences. 

Use the Story Feature to Your Advantage

These 24-hour posts have the power to hook your audience, keep them tuned in, and connect with their emotions.

Instagram and Facebook Stories can help you connect with your audience on a more casual, personal level that works great for boosting engagement. Because Stories are impermanent features of your social media presence, they tend to feel less formal than other feed posts, and you can take advantage of this increased sense of relatability by sharing moments from your daily life or using one of the many interactive tools Stories have to offer. 

Just like with any other social media post, consistency is key when posting Stories. By starting polls, asking questions through a question box, and encouraging debate using the this-or-that button, you can encourage your followers to interact with your content on a more frequent and informal basis. Done right, you’ll connect with your followers’ emotions to foster a sense of friendship and trust with your audience that will make your social media presence that much more effective. 

Put a Face to the Name

Don’t get trapped behind a digital facade – show your followers you’re there, you’re real, and you’re smiling!

Humans are social creatures, but when you’re operating behind a screen, much of what makes an in-person interaction so connective can be lost. That’s why making your social media presence as “3D” as possible is so good for engagement, and one of the best ways to do that is to include the faces of your employees wherever you can. 

Seeing their favorite doctor, receptionist, or orthodontic assistant on your feed is more likely to stir happy emotions in the hearts of your audience, reminding them of the relationship they have with individuals in your practice and making them feel connected to them even when they’re away. Human faces are so good at achieving emotional connection on digital platforms that even a graphic with a picture of a person will perform better than one without – so be sure to add this tip to your digital toolbox. 

Tag Others to Drive Connection

A digital shoutout or mention goes a long way toward boosting your digital economy!

Tagging other businesses or people is a great way to engage with other audiences and encourage followers to interact with your posts. When you tag others, your post is more likely to be shared, which feeds the algorithm and increases your audience reach. 

Stay Social Media Savvy with Neon Canvas

Remember: connection is the name of the social media game. Foster connection wherever you can, and you’re on the right track to getting more followers and more patients. Add Neon Canvas to your dental or orthodontic marketing team, and you’re on an even stronger path to generating engagement and getting new starts in the door. Call our team to discuss ways to improve your strategy today!

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