Why You Should Use Google & Facebook to Promote Your Business

Wondering why you should choose Google and Facebook to promote your business? We’ve come a long way since the years of traditional, Mad Men-style marketing techniques, and no truly competitive business can ignore the power of Google and Facebook any longer. Generating leads through these platforms’ ad systems increases brand awareness, boosts search engine optimization, and targets your specific audience. Allocating a portion of your budget to each is essential to any orthodontic, dental, real estate, or other industry-specific ad campaign, so keep reading to learn more about Google and Facebook ads. 

Here’s How They Work

Understanding these important marketing tools is the first step toward allocating your ads budget appropriately. Here’s how Google Ads and Facebook Ads attract clients and generate more leads.

Google Ads

Google is so entrenched in our daily lives that a whopping 76% of the search market is covered by the tech giant. This lead over competitors like Yahoo or Bing makes the platform extremely successful in presenting information to clients searching for your specific product or service, which translates into successful marketing campaigns for your business. 

That is because Google Ads take advantage of the platform’s wide reach through two major modalities: search ads and display ads. Search ads populate at the top of the search engine results page when a user asks a question. Display ads appear across the internet on third-party websites that have agreed to host these ads. 

Both forms of advertising have the ability to target specific audiences and generate leads through increased brand awareness, contributing to the eight to one return on investment Google claims they produce. Depending on the daily budget you set for your Google Ads, this tool could provide you with major returns. 

Facebook Ads 

According to Hootsuite, Facebook Ads reach approximately 63% of all Americans over the age of 13, so this platform is another excellent tool for marketing your business. Facebook Ads work a lot like Google Ads, and the two platforms provide similar methods for outreach, so pairing the two is a common marketing strategy for competitive businesses. 

These ads typically appear on Facebook users’ newsfeeds. Because they’re targeted to users who are already looking for your product or service, these ads attract clients and generate leads with high rates of success compared to other platforms. 

Similar to Google, your daily budget determines your ad impressions and reach, so discussing your goals with a marketing firm can help you manage your ad budget. 

Benefits of Google & Facebook

Using Google and Facebook to promote your business is a tried and true method of the digital age. From brand awareness to SEO, these ads make all the difference in your marketing strategy. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Google’s display ads appear across the web, pre-populating to interested users without them having to search for your specific brand name. Similarly, quarterly or promotional Facebook ads appear on targeted newsfeeds to put your name in front of potential leads. These methods are highly effective; in fact, Facebook alone accounts for 54% of users’ brand research

Because of the high volume of web traffic that Google and Facebook garner, using these ad platforms is an easy way to boost brand awareness. The idea is that when they become ready to pursue the product or service your business offers, they’ll turn to you because they’ve seen your ads before on platforms they’re familiar with. 

Boost SEO 

The holy grail of digital marketing is a high SEO ranking, and Google responds in kind to clients that use their ad platform. As display ads grasp the attention of internet users, they increase the amount of traffic to your website which boosts your domain authority and places you higher on the search engine results pages. 

Facebook ads also contribute to a boost in SEO for the same reasons as Google display ads. By encouraging users to visit your website, Facebook ads hike your web traffic and move you up in the search results. 

Target Your Specific Audience

Perhaps the most nuanced benefit to using Google and Facebook to promote your business is the fact that each platform allows you to target for specific keywords, locations, and demographics. This increases the effectiveness of the ads, making them more likely to reach clients who are looking for your products or services. 

Unlike Google display ads, which serve as more of a catch-all advertising approach, Google search and Facebook ads are targeted much more closely to relevant audiences. That is, these marketing tools put you in front of people who are searching for services you provide, when they need to find them. Because search ads and Facebook ads are placed in front of people actively looking for what you offer, they are a great way to win new business and generate additional revenue.

Trust the Experts at Neon Canvas

It’s easy to understand why Google and Facebook ads play to your advantage, no matter what field you’re in – orthodontics, dentistry, plastic surgery, real estate – but calculating the appropriate budget for your specific needs is another story. When looking to invest in these platforms, it’s important to have a team of experts on your side to guide you in the right direction. To find out how we can help you utilize your ads budget the right way, contact Neon Canvas today. 

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